Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story – A Screening

You are invited to join Project NIA on Saturday February 19th from 2 to 5 p.m. for a screening of a new film Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story. The screening will be followed by a terrific panel discussion.

Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story explores Cyntoia’s life. The camera first glimpses her the week of her arrest at age 16 and follows her for nearly six years. Along the way, nationally renown juvenile forensic psychiatrist, Dr. William Bernet from Vanderbilt University, assesses her situation. We meet Ellenette Brown, Cyntoia’s adoptive mother who talks about the young girl’s early years. Georgina Mitchell, Cyntoia’s biological mother, meets her for the first time since she gave her up for adoption 14 years earlier. When we meet Cyntoia’s maternal grandmother, Joan Warren, some patterns begin to come into sharp focus.

Cyntoia wrestles with her fate. She is stunningly articulate, and spends the time to put the pieces of this puzzle together with us. Cyntoia’s pre-prison lifestyle was nearly indistiguishable from her mother’s at the same age. History — predestined by biology and circumstance — is repeating down the generations in this family.

Cyntoia is tried as an adult, and the cameras are there when she is convicted and sentenced to life at the Tennessee Prison for Women. After the verdict, Cyntoia calls her mom to tell her the news.

In the end, we catch up with Cyntoia as she is adjusting to prison, and struggling with her identity and hope for her future.

Click here to download a flyer for this event that includes all relevant information.

In addition, interested individuals can bring along a young adult book to donate to the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center or to the Illinois Youth Center – Warrenville.



About chicagogirltalk

We are a group of women who are working together to support young women who are incarcerated in our local juvenile jail.

One thought on “Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story – A Screening

  1. just a quick note: the books must be paperback. a representative at the juvenile temp detention center told me that they cannot accept hardcover books.

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