Introducing the Girl Talk Curriculum: Film, Art and Resistance With Young Women in Detention

The Girl Talk Leadership Team is committed to documenting our practice in order to share what we learn with others. Over the past few months, a subset of our team has been working together on standardizing and documenting our curriculum.

Today, we are proud to share the product of this work with all of you. We are sharing this curriculum not because we think that it is perfect. We know that it is a work-in-progress. We are sharing it because we believe strongly in building community and in fostering movement-building. We know that there are many individuals and organizations across the world that are working with girls in conflict with the law. We know that resources are unfortunately limited and that folks are particularly stretched thin in this time of worldwide fiscal austerity. Yet we also know a lot of creative work is happening everywhere on the planet. We would love to learn about that work too.

We hope that those who read and then use this curriculum will decide that they too are willing to share their work with us and others. We strongly believe that the only way that we are going to dismantle the prison industrial complex is through popular education, organizing and movement-building. This is our small contribution towards that goal.

While this curriculum was written and is used with girls and young women in detention, we know that it would be of equal benefit to girls on the outside. We invite those who work with young women in various capacities to use this if they so desire.

We want to thank our funders, particularly the UIC Institute for Research on Race and Public Policy, for supporting the development of this curriculum. We want to thank Caitlin Seidler for designing the guide. Finally, a special thanks to all of the young women who are working as program facilitators with us at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center. Girl Talk would not be possible without your commitment and your passion.

From Critical Resistance Just Seeds Portfolio Project

We would very much like to know who is interested in this curriculum guide. You can help us by taking two minutes to let us know a little about you and we will then e-mail a PDF version of the curriculum guide to you. You can click on the link below to complete our curriculum registration form. We will send you the curriculum within 7 days (usually much sooner):

Click here to register for the curriculum guide


About chicagogirltalk

We are a group of women who are working together to support young women who are incarcerated in our local juvenile jail.

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