Submissions to Chicago Books to Women in Prison

If you know any women who’ve experienced incarceration and may be interested in being published. Chicago Books to Women in Prison is looking for submissions from people who identify as women.

These submissions are for the “New Beginnings” Issue of Bound Struggles (published by Chicago Books to Women in Prison). Here are the details from them:

Submissions can be poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or artwork (we are happy to get submissions in color, but we’re printing in black and white).
Any writing should be about 500 words long
Handwritten or typed submissions are both welcome
If she wants to have her piece credited, she should give us her name and any other info that she wants to share (where she’s from, where she lives now, etc)
If she’d rather that it be anonymous, that’s fine- just let us know
We’ll give a copy of the final publication to all contributors

Mail work to Chicago Books to Women in Prison, P O Box 14778, Chicago, IL 60614

We need the work by March 15 for this issue, but if they miss the deadline we’ll hang on to it for the next round.