Upcoming Event: Self-Care Day at IYC-Warrenville

The Girl Talk Collective is planning our second Self Care Day at IYC-Warrenville on January 12, 2013.  After another great Self Care Day at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center, we are looking for volunteers to join us at IYC-Warrenville. 

 To make the day a success, we are looking for


If you are a bodywork therapist (massage, reflexology, etc…), please volunteer your time and skills.

If you can offer manicures and/or pedicures to the young women, please volunteer.

Do you teach yoga, relaxation and anti-stress techniques? Then please join us.

We are asking for volunteers who identify as women. If you are interested contact us at chicagogirltalk@gmail.com or 773-392-5165.

We are asking volunteers to let us know about their availability by December 30th. We are going to give a list of all volunteers who will be participating to the prison so that we can clear everyone in advance.


Warrenville volunteers:

We will confirm the time with you, but please plan to volunteer from 1p-5:30p plus driving time.

All volunteers:
We will set up carpools so if you have a car and can drive some folks, let us know.


We need several supplies for the day and also for the gift bags that we would like to give to the young women at the end of the day.

Lotions (any size)
Hair Care Products (appropriate for young women of color)
Bath Gels
Aromatherapy Oils (Peppermint, Lavender, Orange, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary, etc…)
Nail Tools (emery boards, cuticle pushers, toe separators, Nail polish dryer aerosol, pumice stones)
Gift bags

Rubbing alcohol

Hand sanitizer

Hair Brushes

Cotton pads

Hand towels January 7th. You can mail items to: Project NIA c/o RPCC, 1530 West Morse Ave, Chicago, IL 60626. If you want to drop off your items, you can do so at the same address however please call Mariame at 773-392-5165 to make sure that someone will be there to receive the items from you. Finally, if you prefer to contribute money (which we would gladly accept), you can make your check payable to Project NIA (write Girl Talk on the memo line) and mail to the address listed above. We will be shopping after January 7th for all of the items that we did not get donated.



Important Note: We very much believe that ALL incarcerated youth deserve many “self-care” days. Our capacity only allows us to work with the young women at JTDC and IYC-Warrenville. If a group of men would like to organize similar events for young men at the JTDC, please contact Mariame so that she can connect you to the appropriate staff at the jail.